Issue 27 | 04.07.2020| Holland, MI

Against a pastel pink sky, an exploding wave frozen in time by shutter speed.
Against a sherbet sky, an exploding wave on Lake Michigan frozen in time by St. Joe photographer Joshua Nowicki. See more at https://joshuanowicki.smugmug.com/.


How’s it going? Here, it’s weird. Always felt the best part of the NYT was the reader comments, and thought it might be cathartic for Holland Weekly readers to have a place of their own. Send us your thoughts, feelings and stories about this time in your life as you navigate and witness others navigating the pandemic. Did you hear the opera singer from his Grand Haven porch? Did you swerve on a run to avoid a dad teaching his daughter how to ride a bike? Or has your life taken a more sinister turn. In the spirit of a problem shared is a problem halved, let us know. Short descriptions, poems, creative nonfiction and more (like photos and artwork sent as 72 dpi resolution jpeg) are welcomed. Email an MS Word document with your piece and include your name and where you’re writing from: hollandweekly@gmail.com. Thank you, and take care.

A gray bearded poet leans against a chainlink fence.
Holland Weekly Arts: An Interview with Poet Jack Ridl

A young pittie with ears out, resembling Baby Yoda.
Holland Weekly Shelter Loves: Foster Baby Yoda!

Dark brown brownies cut into squares and piled on a white plate.
Holland Weekly Recipe: Highbrow Brownies for a Lowbrow Pantry http://www.hollandweekly.com/highbrow-brownies/ 

Madam puppy dog astrologer, Sylvia. Photo by Michael Tuccini.
Holland Weekly Horoscope: Sylvia Reads The Stars


Rosa Parks Green neighborhood street scene in fall. Photo by KS.
Rosa Parks Green neighborhood street scene in fall. Photo by Holland Weekly.


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