An exterior building wall painted with gray and white large scale flowers.
205 Coffee in downtown Holland. Photo by Holland Weekly.

Letters To The Editor
January 17, 2019

We received both love and hate mail from readers in response to last week’s feature article, The Kinderparade: We Have A Problem by Lindsay Cherry. Quite the discussion also took place on social media. Holland Weekly encourages civil discourse, though we did receive an email calling us racist, anti-white, and anti-Dutch. The email was not signed with a real name, and our request for the author to include a name as well as clarify or expand upon her/his beliefs went unanswered.

Below is an email we received with a real name. Holland Weekly thanks readers for your input, and invites you to contact us with your opinions—whether they be contrary to or in cahoots with our own.

Dear Holland Weekly,

Hooray! Kudos to the Cherry family for abstaining from this activity, and to Mrs. Cherry for expressing this viewpoint. I am fairly new to Holland, but find suffocating the over-arching community assumption that everyone here is of the same mind, backgrounds, and beliefs. The Dutch Heritage of the community would be an interesting cultural aspect — one facet of a jewel, if it were not so unseeing of the rest of Holland, and the other cultural riches that are here. Mrs. Cherry’s points are all well-taken, and her suggestion for a more inclusive parade ought to be heard.

Caroline Van Antwerp
Holland resident

P.S. Thank you for furthering the public discourse on diversity in our community.