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A tan and black brindled male pit bull prances toward the camera.
Bruno the perfect pittie. Photo by Allegan County Animal Shelter.

Holland Weekly Dog of the Week

By Allegan County Animal Shelter operated by the Wishbone Pet Rescue Alliance
March 7, 2019

Holland Weekly will feature a local shelter dog each week who is available for adoption. For more information, and updates on whether or not the dog is still available, please contact the shelter.

From the Allegan County Animal Shelter:

Meet Bruno

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy …. I am really glad you are checking out my profile as I am one heck of a neat little guy!!

“Bruno” is my name, by the way. Yeah, my name may seem a little “tough,” but I am a sweet, happy young boy who has plenty of energy for an active family that will let me play, jump, run and be a doggy.

When I was asked if I wanted to go for a car ride, I wagged my tail, so I am sure I could be a good car ride buddy, too. I am proud to say I do pretty darn well on a leash, but sometimes I want to pull just a teensy bit so I can smell the next smell.

I know you will love to pet my easy-to-care-for short brindle coat since I am soooo soft and silky. (Am I bragging a bit?) I am not too big and not too small – I am just right. Even though I am a medium size dog, that doesn’t stop me from trying to squeeze my cute little love bug body on your lap and lick your face and show you how much I would LOVE being your new bestest friend! Did I mention I have plenty of kisses to give?

I would love a home where my human siblings are 8 years old or older. This way they will be able to play with me lots more and throw my toys for me since I love attention. Yup, I love my toys and guess what … I will go get them and bring them back to you as well. I know “down” and “sit” so I can patiently wait for you to throw my toys to me again and again. I find this super fun. I am treat-motivated as well so that helps me stay focused. I do tend to like to eat out of my bowl by myself though if that’s okay. If I am going to have any doggy siblings, I would need to meet them first to see if they are willing to play with me. I am sure they would like me (I mean who wouldn’t) but I’d like a chance to meet them to make sure we can play well together. I find cats interesting, but I can leave them alone if you remind me that they don’t want to play.

I am looking forward to a fun, loving home to call my own. I am a good boy with good manners so please come check me out and see if I could be a great addition to your family. Please contact the Allegan County Animal Shelter operated by the Wishbone Pet Rescue Alliance at 269-686-5112 or come visit me during the shelter hours. I CANNOT WAIT TO MEET YOU!!

Signed a Sweet Boy,

Allegan County Animal Shelter
2293 33rd Street
Allegan, MI 49010